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1.Orders and purchases

2. Shipping

3. Payments

4. Returns & damaged products

5. Guarantees & maintenance

6. Terms of use & information

1. Commandes & achats

No. You can make a transaction as gest on our online store. However, we encourage you to register on our personalized platform in order to take advantage of the following advantages:

  • Access to your orders;

  • Access to your invoices;

  • Access to your technical service requests;

Yes. The online store uses our own digital infrastructure which is hosted on secure servers by a recognized company. Additionally, we use tools from trusted partners like PayPal and Purolator to manage your payment and shipping information.

Yes. Product catalogs and brochures are available online on our website or in the description of the majority of products.

No. For security measures and protection of your information, all orders must be placed through our online store. However, if you have any questions about the use of our online store or if you wish to have assistance by telephone, do not hesitate to contact the our customer service  .

No. It is not possible to order a product if it is out of stock. All accepted orders are therefore for products that we can deliver to you. Please stay tuned for product availability in our online store.

Yes. It is possible to cancel an order completely, but not partially. If you want to remove items, you must cancel the entire order and make a new one with the desired items.

Please contact our customer service to see if it is possible to cancel your order. Since we try to deliver your orders quickly, the cancellation period is limited. It is therefore possible that you cannot cancel your order if it is already in the process of being sent.

If you have already received your parcel tracking number, it is impossible to cancel your order. In the event that we can cancel your order, we will initiate the refund process as soon as possible.

Dans le cas où nous pouvons annuler votre commande, nous entamerons le processus de remboursement dans les plus brefs délais.

Promotional codes can be applied to your order at the time of order confirmation.

Some promotional codes only apply to a specific product, while others can be applied to your entire order.

However, there are some restrictions:

  • Only one promotional code can be applied per online order.

  • Promotional codes must be applied before their expiration date and therefore cannot be saved for use on future orders.

  • Please note that promotions end at midnight Eastern Time on the date indicated.

Yes. These have been inspected by our team of experts to ensure that they are working properly and that all essential parts and accessories are present. Any defect or imperfection compared to the new product will be mentioned in the product description.

A clear indication of these products is added to each of these articles in order to allow you to identify them easily.

A clearance product is most often an item whose stocks are limited by the fact that there will be no future supply of this item. They are usually still supported by the manufacturer. These products are new and have never been opened.

An open box product is a product that has been unpacked following a return or for an inspection. Our experts have ensured that the item is in perfect condition, that it has no aesthetic or functional defects and that all parts are present.

A used product has aesthetic defects or has already been used. Our experts make sure it works properly and all the essentials are present. Used products are sold as is.

They are sold at a reduced price. They have, most of the time, never been used. They have been fully tested and verified by our experts. They include the manufacturer's warranty or a warranty offered by Coval.

Yes. You will find the detail of the imperfections and conditions of the used articles on your invoice in the description of the articles.

2. Livraisons

For small and medium sized items, our delivery team will dispatch your order via standard post within two working days (48h or following Monday) of when you placed your order.

Delivery costs are automatically calculated when confirming your order.

After your order has been shipped, we will email you your order tracking number. Using this number, you can check the status of the shipment using Purolaror's tool. .

No. It is not possible to choose the exact delivery date of your order.

A large item is an item that is too spacious or too heavy for standard mail service. It must then be sent by courier. Large items are identified in the product description. If there is no mention, it is that it is a standard delivery.

Due to the complexity of the delivery, these items require the intervention of one of our experts in order for you to order them. Please contact us so that we can give you a price including delivery and plan it with you.   afin que vous puissiez les commander. Veuillez donc nous contacter afin que nous puissions vous donner un prix incluant la livraison et planifier cette dernière avec vous.

Carriers will leave the large item(s) on the doorstep or in a location easily accessible to them.

It is important to be present for the reception of your package, because you will have to inspect your package and sign the quote from the carrier to confirm that everything is in good condition and in accordance with your order.

The carriers do not deliver in your home.

As soon as your order is shipped, we will email you your carrier tracking number. You will be able to track your package.

It should be noted that no precise delivery time can be indicated, due to unforeseen circumstances that may arise.

Usually, after leaving our warehouse, orders arrive within a maximum of 72 hours. Exceptions may apply for some remote areas.

The expected delivery date is, however, subject to change depending on a variety of factors beyond our control.

  • Eg. Transport availability, delivery region, weather conditions, pandemic, mechanical breakdowns, postal delays, etc.

For these reasons, although we will try to do our best, Coval cannot assume responsibility for non-compliance with the delivery date initially scheduled.

Your order will, most of the time, be shipped to the Purolator or Canada Post warehouse closest to you. You will then receive a delivery notice informing you where, when and how to pick up your order. Please follow the instructions provided by the delivery company.

In the case of large products, the carrier will bring the product back to its warehouse. A new delivery date will be fixed with you. Please expect additional charges from the carrier.

If your order is damaged or incomplete upon receipt, please refuse delivery and write the reason for your refusal on the quote from the carrier or delivery person. They will return the goods to us and we can study your request.

If you were not present, you can make a complaint to Coval by contacting our customer service. We will study your request and then forward your complaint to the delivery company.  . Nous étudierons votre demande et ferons ensuite suivre votre réclamation à la compagnie de livraison.

In the case of the delivery of a large item, you have a maximum of 24 hours to file a complaint with us. You must ensure that the problem has been mentioned on the carrier's quote upon receipt. Please note that the company is in its right to refuse your complaint if the problem was not mentioned at reception.

No. For reasons of security and efficiency of operations, it is not possible to pick up your order by yourself.

We deliver in Quebec only.

Our company specializes, through our experience and geographic location, in distribution in Eastern Canada.

We are open to delivering to you wherever our delivery partners are willing to take our products. However, shipping costs are established from our warehouse located in Varennes, Qc, Canada.

No. As far as online sales are concerned, we are independent of the specialized shops with which we do business.
No. The carriers deliver the packaged goods and it is up to you to install the products.

On our online store, we only sell products that are easy to use and install, which do not usually require the intervention of a specialist.

If you suspect your order has been lost or stolen, please contact our customer service. If you are eligible, we will follow up on your file with the applicable shipping services.   

Claims must be made no later than 30 days after your order has been shipped.

3. Paiements

We do business with PayPal for everything related to online payments. We therefore accept all payment methods that the platform accepts, including:

  • Visa;

  • MasterCard; and

  • Paypal transfer.

No. All transactions must be paid in full and in one payment at the time of purchase.

No. When purchasing online, the amount must be paid in full when placing your order.

No. We try to keep the prices as low as possible as well as an inventory that meets demand. However, price changes occur regularly and this also affects the items in your shopping cart. Prices and items are guaranteed when the final order is placed and paid for.

We reserve the right not to accept your order in rare cases of major pricing error or major failure of our e-commerce platform. You will then be immediately informed and reimbursed, if necessary.

The currency used on our site is the Canadian dollar (CAD).

Yes. Sales taxes are calculated according to the shipping address of the order and according to the provincial and federal laws in place.

In the event of a refund, we will also refund the amount of taxes paid on the item. Delivery charges and taxes applicable to these charges are non-refundable, unless the return is related to an error on our part.

4. Returns & damaged products 

No. All products that are sold online are final sale.

Yes. Unfortunately, we are not immune to a product with a manufacturing defect or a defect. If this happens to you, Coval is there for you.

You have 14 days, following receipt of your order, to file a complaint with us in the event of a problem with your product. Please take photos of the problem and complete the appropriate form. We will then study your case. formulaire de réclamation 

The reasons can be:

  • The product does not work;

  • The product is damaged;

  • The product does not meet the description (only applies to used products); or

  • Parts or accessories are missing.

In the event of an accepted complaint, we will replace the product with an equivalent or, if this is impossible, we will refund the amount of the item in question.

All returns must be approved by our customer service department in order to be processed. Otherwise, we will refuse your request.   afin d’être traités. Dans les cas contraires, nous refuserons votre demande.

In the event that you should send us a return, if the transport is at our expense, we will send you a delivery label which you must affix to the package to be sent. Please ensure items are well packaged and secured to postal standards. All you have to do is post the package to complete your return.

If you need to return a large item, please contact our customer service department to discuss return details.    

5. Guarantees & maintenance

If you have a technical problem with any of the products you have purchased from us, please complete the complaint request form. One of our technicians will then take the time to assess your request   

In the event of a problem covered by the warranty, the technician will contact you to explain the procedure to follow.

Yes. It is guaranteed by the manufacturer, except for the defects already mentioned at the time of purchase. See manufacturer's warranty for details.

Products not guaranteed by the manufacturers are guaranteed by Coval for a period of 3 months, except for the defects already mentioned at the time of purchase. This information will be specified in the product description upon purchase.

In the event of a defect or malfunction that renders the product unusable, we will replace the product with an equivalent. If it is not possible to replace it, we will refund the amount of the item in question.

If you have a technical problem with any of the products you have purchased from us, please complete the complaint request form. One of our technicians will then take the time to assess your request.     .

In the event that you need advice on the care or use of any of our products, we encourage you to consult the product user manual or visit our website. There you will find many relevant articles that could help you. site web informationnel 

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact our customer service team who will direct you to the right resources.   qui vous guidera vers les bonnes ressources. 

6. Terms of use & information


The trademarks as well as the products presented on the Coval site cannot be exploited without the express consent of Coval or the owner of the mark in question. Indeed, Coval is the official distributor of these brands, and therefore their official representative.

All content presented on the site (texts, articles, logos, computer code, documents, etc.), or its other properties, is protected by copyright. Any use, unless authorized by Coval, constitutes a violation of these rights. Indeed, any person who would attempt, in whole or in part, to copy, reproduce, display or appropriate the work of Coval and its represented brands is exposed to sanctions permitted by copyright or other laws. applicable laws.

Please note that it is possible, and even encouraged, to consult, download and print the public contents of the website for the purposes of personal research and consultation.

        Modification to policies

Coval reserves the right to modify any of its policies at any time. We therefore invite you to periodically visit the section reserved for policies in order to validate whether any changes have been made.    

When you visit our website and view the information made available to you, you do not need to provide us with any information.

        When do we need certain information?

  • During an order confirmation;

  • Lorsque vous faites un paiement;

  • When you enter a contest or promotion;

  • When you request information about our products and services;

  • When you want to have access to certain advanced resources (White paper, special file, etc.); or

  • When applying or submitting a CV.

        Do we collect other information?

In order to improve our services and your experience, we collect general and anonymous information via the Google Analytics analysis tool. For example, browser type, platform type, consultation times, etc.

To enable us to show you the most relevant retailers near you, we use IP technology to locate you in an approximate area. This information is anonymous and is used only by our automatic geolocation system.

For more details, we ask you, when you arrive on the site, if you want to be located more precisely in order to obtain a more personalized experience. You have the choice to refuse or accept this request. Again, this information is anonymous and is only used to improve your browsing experience.

All information collected is available only to our administrative team, the communication & marketing team and the IT team responsible for the operation of our website.

This information is used to fulfill your order, assess the relevance of our site, ensure the proper functioning of the platform and allow the continuous improvement of your browsing experience.

We place particular importance on the security of the personal information we collect. It is for this reason that this data is only collected in our ERP, which is itself hosted on a secure cloud database and accessible only to the relevant Coval employees.

In addition, we do business with recognized cybersecurity partners to ensure that your browsing is secure against any potential threat or computer indiscretion.