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Le module électronique de remplacement Archgard change de code pour inclure la fermeture du pilote après 7 jours

Jean-Francois Fauteux

All Dealers and Distributors,

There has been a change made at Archgard and there seems to be some confusion so I wanted to clear things up on the part # 308-6011 control module that is used in our electronic ignition models.


The part # 308-6011 (control module) has been discontinued, please remove this number from your systems.


It has been replaced with the new Dynamic Start / 7 day timer control module for all units except the 57-DVRS Brigantia unit.  The 57-DVRS50N also takes a new module but it is the 7 day timer module only, does not have the Dynamic Start function. 

New Part # RP-308-6070 – 57-DVRS50N brigantia unit only

New Part # RP-308-6060 – ALL other units that took the 308-6011 control module


*** Dealer Cost is $130.00 on the new module


Please make changes accordingly in your systems to be sure correct parts are being ordered as the # 308-6011